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How is physical therapy different from chiropractic, massage or personal training?

Physical Therapist are trained movement specialists. We examine how your body moves and diagnose the cause of your pain. This evaluation includes the joints, muscles, fascia and the way your body responds to the environment. We offer treatment plans that include joint mobilization, soft/deep tissue work and corrective exercises. We work well with and sometimes in conjunction with chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists. Currently, to obtain a physical therapy degree and license our therapists must complete undergraduate work of a 4 year degree with a focus on science, then complete a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy and pass a National licensure examination.

Chiropractors are also trained in how to see what your body is doing, but they focus on manipulation as a form of treatment. Most of that manipulation is of the spine with little focus on the fascia and muscles. They often consider themselves Primary Care Physicians through naturopathic means. Currently, to become a chiropractor, one must obtain a Clinical Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Massage Therapists require less initial training to obtain a license. They focus on the muscles and the fascia as well as visceral tissue (the area around the organs). They are not allowed to manipulate joints or offer diagnoses, even though some are very skilled. Massage therapists must go to a specialized trade school for Massage Therapy and then pass a state license examination.

Personal Trainers vary greatly in knowledge and adeptness at helping you heal and can even cause further injury. Training for these persons can be as little as a weekend course offered by a large corporation they work for or as much as a degree in Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology and/or Kinesiology. We recommend that you choose a Trainer with at least a 4 year degree.

How do I prepare for a physical therapy visit?
  • We want to see you move, so bring loose clothing that allow you to move.
  • We want to see the injured area, so bring clothes that allow us to see the body part we are working on.
  • Know your medical history to the best of your ability.
  • Check to see if your insurance requires a referral for physical therapy.
How long is my appointment?

Typically, the first appointment is an hour long. The physical therapist will spend 50 min with you and 10 min documenting and billing insurance.

Follow up appointments are a half an hour in length, with 25 min of treatment and 5 min for the physical therapist to document and complete billing. There may be 1-2 additional visits that are 45 min long, but it will be at the discretion of the physical therapist.

Can I get extra time?

Yes, but it is going to cost extra. Over the years, less and less value has been placed on allied health fields and we are giving more and more. At Agility Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we understand the value of what we give you and are charging for our time accordingly.

You can purchase the adjacent slot at a rate if $75 for each 25 min you would like as long as it is available.

Please talk to our receptionist to schedule additional time and your physical therapist to see if it is needed. (Note: if you suffer from chronic pain and long-term health issues, you may be a good candidate for this type of treatment plan).

Do you take insurance and what does that mean?

We accept most major insurance plans to the limit of the plan. Our contract with insurance companies with which we are in-network state that we must bill in good faith.

You also have a contract with the insurance company to use your benefits with your knowledge of how they work. If you are unsure, you can contact a customer advocate from your insurance company.

You are likely responsible for a portion of the bill and that can be verified by you by calling your plan to ask.

Be Prepared: Most plans have a visit total limit. Please pay your co-pays, co-insurances or deductibles when you come in for your visit.

What does insurance take care of?

This is dependent on your plan and what it covers.

We will call to verify that you are registered with the insurance plan you are planning to use, but it is NOT A guarantee of benefits. You will need to verify coverage for your treatment.

We can explain most plans to you.

What doesn't insurance cover?

During your care, you may be asked to purchase certain items, including Theraband, Therapy Ball, Putty, Tape, Pulleys, Orthotics or Heel Lifts. These are all at the expense of the patient.

LightForce Laser: This is a newer treatment offered on the market. It helps to significantly to reduce pain and swelling, improve range of motion and get you back to normal strength faster. Insurances DO NOT cover it and we DO NOT bill them for it. Otherwise, it could cause a rejection of your entire claim.

Cosmetic Procedures: LightForce Laser can be used to reduce the appearance and the difficulty of scars and scar tissue. It can be used to correct nail fungus, as well. These are considered cosmetic and are NOT A COVERED SERVICE of your policy.

Why do you have a cancellation policy? And why is the fee $75?

We schedule a time specifically to take care of you. We are guaranteeing your spot. Our time has VALUE, just like yours.

We can not bill insurance for a visit you miss.

The fee is set at a rate that has allowed us to have the most number of persons realize the value of the time we set aside for them. The problem with a lower fee is that when you can pay less than the cost of a co-pay, you tend to skip it if something "comes up". We set the rate at a point where people understood that they needed to keep the appointment to get better.

What if I am sick? Please stay home, But call US to let us know. In the event that you are running a fever, Vomiting or have diarrhea with in 24 hours or have green guck coming out of you, Please keep your germs to your self. If you don’t let us know first thing in the morning though, we still reserve the right to charge for that missed appointment. We often need at least 3 hours to fill up your spot. If you were sick Tuesday and your appointment is Wednesday, call us Wednesday at 7 am and leave a voicemail. We will understand.

What about snow? If accumulation in a 5 mile radius of our office is under 6 inches, You may be charged for the missed appointment. We will call you/Email you if our office is closing.

Why do you want a credit card on file?

In the event you no-show or late-cancel for an appointment, we reserve the right to place the charge on that card.

It prevents persons who often forget their card from getting behind in deductibles or co-payments.

We charge the balance on accounts to cards after accounts have been settled and statements have been sent and unpaid at 30 days to prevent your account from going to collections.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. The payment plan is based on finances discussed with the owner and to pay off the balance in 6 months.

If you are experiencing a bonafide financial hardship, as long as you make minimum of $25/month, you will not be sent to collections and no new charges will appear on your card on file.

What happens if you're not in-network with my insurance company?

We set up a package payment plan for you at our cash-pay rates that you pay up front.

We then bill your insurance company for you.

If eligible, you receive checks from your insurance company that you can cash. (Please note: You may be required to claim as income on taxes, but receipts for payment to us can be used to offset that. Talk to your accountant).