Colorado is a “Direct Access” State. What that means is you can try Physical Therapy first. In most cases, except with HMO plans and Medicare, you can see a physical therapist without a prescription or referral. What does that mean for you? Stop paying an extra co-pay to see your primary care doctor or your orthopedic surgeon for things you know won’t require surgery, but are affecting your movement.

At Agility Physical Therapy, we believe in the highest quality of care. In Order to Provide Those Services, we need 50 minutes with each Client. Unfortunately, Insurance reimbursement does not cover the 50 minute appointment. We have decided that in order to serve you best, We are changing to a system of Concierge Pay. We will still accept and bill your insurance company for you, but all payments will need to be made up front at time of service. Aetna is the only exception. In Colorado, they use a third party to bill claims. Therefore, you will need to submit those on your own. We can show you how using a specially designed app for insurance billing on your phone.

With the addition of the Concierge Medicine style of Physical Therapy, Be sure to check out our additional Cosmetic Services and Health and Wellness Coaching Programs.

* Some Kaiser PPO plans will pay out of Network benefits. We are happy to check those benefits for you.